Vacation Bible School In Tejarcillos, Los Guido, and La Carpio

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

News and Prayer!

This is one of the many children whom I would consider family. Those like Michelle, I have had a unique opportunity in watching grow up, continuing to be involved in the New Life Church of Los Guido and consistently remain faithful. Walking in the light of Christ brings hope for their future and encouragement for mine.

Everyone say, "queso!"
These new kids became very close in a matter of minutes. The simple throw of a tennis ball, a picture of themselves on the back of a camera, or simply saying "Hi!". While these things may be "things" to many, it is such that provide a sense of security, love, and friendship for these kids.

"Trash can!" "Dump!" "The nobodies!"
With a population of roughly 40,000 people, half of whom are Nicaragua immigrants, La Carpio receives an estimated 700 tons of waste EVERY DAY. It is a place where no one wants to go. Families and children fight poverty, live a life of hopelessness, and know nothing more than two surrounding sewage filled rivers and a landfill that identify them as such.

Trekking through the roads of La Carpio, we visited multiple houses. As the women from a discipleship group of Los Guido discipled the women in the home I had the opportunity to love and laugh with the children of these homes. Whether I just met a child or have developed a relationship with them over my last four trips to Costa Rica, every smile brings great joy and hope. As we visited the homes we also passed out flyers for a VBS that will take place next week over the course of three days in La Carpio.

Please PRAY for...

The protection and guidance of families and children like those above who fight living in darkness daily.

God to continue to reveal himslef in places like Los Guido, Tejarcillos, and La Carpio. That I would be used as a tool to do such.

The continuing construction of the building at La Finca, which will be used for a feeding center, tutoring center, discipleship rooms, and a gymnasium.

The three VBS events that will take place next week. That many children would come to experience the hope, guidance, and generosity of Christ.

The hearts of the children and families that will visit during the VBS's.

God's faithful hand to remain over and protect myself and the other interns, the missionaries, the leadership team.

My health. That I would continue to remain a healthy and strong abled body in which I can continue serving. Although I'm 100% now I was sick the week before and the week after arriving.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Working at La Finca!

Here stands the beginning stages of the building that will be used for discipleship groups, a feeding center, a tutoring center, and a gymnasium during the winter season for their VBS (Vacation Bible School). Placed on a giant farm (La Finca) in Los Guido, it is a piece of land our team once prayed over, heard of its plans to be built, and now will see how faithfull God truely is.

Working on repairing the retaining wall...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 1

Home, sweet home!!! That’s what it feels like to return to Costa Rica. Flying into San Jose International Airport at night was a unique experience, one that would mark the beginning of this seven week journey of God continuing to transform my life and the lives of so many in Costa Rica. Upon arriving to the mission house around 1 a.m., and sleeping for only a short five hours, it was off to La Finca (the farm) for a day of work. Returning to La Finca, after being here just six months ago, I was astonished by the size and progress of the building that is being built. This building once only existed in hope and prayer, but has now been molded into a reality that will meet both the spiritual and physical needs of numerous individuals. Placed on the back of an old farm, next to the New Life Church of Los Guido, this future facility will be used for discipleship groups, a feeding center, a tutoring center, and a gymnasium.

Today was a great day of work. We worked digging a trench and patching the bottom of a concrete retaining wall which is intended to prevent rain, dirt, and sewage from entering the church facility. We also painted a sink frame and prepared it to be installed. After laying concrete to give the frame a flat surface, we then installed the sink and its piping, Costa Rica style…dig a trench and burry the pipe. Although the rain began and continued to fall, work still continued.

I’m looking forward to continue working at La Finca and in the various ministry areas, as well as continuing developed relationships with the families and kids whom I have become close with and written letters to over the past few years. I’m excited to be a part of God’s story and serve the people of Costa Rica.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

10 More Days!!!

It is hard to believe that in just ten short days I will be leaving to Costa Rica. The day that felt so far away will shortly arrive. I'm looking forward to visiting the families, friends, and kids from previous years and being a part of what God has in store for this Summer.