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Friday, September 9, 2011

Nicaragua: One God

September 5, 2011

Wow… What a way to spend a Sunday here in Nicaragua. The day started off with an early morning breakfast as usual, and after breakfast the team hopped in the back of a pick-up truck and headed to our local pastor’s church (El Buen Pastor), and also the home of our work project for tomorrow. Upon arrival we were greeted by the congregation of the church. As we were worshiping, you could definitely feel the undeniable presence of the Lord in the room.

As the service continued, the children were asked to exit the church where they were met by a couple members of the team, who had prepared a simple craft for them earlier. The craft consisted of a pipe cleaner and four beads. The kids were asked to assemble a cross out of the pipe cleaner and then explain what the cross meant to them. As the service ended were asked to join or local pastor (Santiago) on a visit to his house for lunch.

When lunch ended we hurried back to the hotel, where we grabbed some toys and candy for the VBS (Vacation Bible School) we had planned at another church a couple miles up the road. To our surprise, some children were waiting patiently inside the church for our arrival so we took to the streets to gather more kids, which was a success. As in past VBS’s, we played games, passed out a ton of candy, and each child made a “salvation” bracelet.

Before the night ended we had one more stop on our agenda. While in Daukra we met a local pastor from here in Puerto Cabezas, by the name of Brandon. He had invited us to his church several times, and tonight was our opportunity to visit.

Due to several power outages, the service continued most of the time in candlelight, which was an awesome experience. Today as well as the last couple of days has definitely been an eye opening experience for the team. We have had the opportunity to partner and worship with many churches, each having their own differences, from buildings, worship, even languages. But one message has remained consistent throughout: we all serve, worship, and praise ONE GOD.

By: The Rays

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