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Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Day Back At La Finca!!!

The first day back at La Finca (The Farm) for this afternoon's Sunday service was great as I reunited with some of the families and kids. Over the last few years, the Lord has molded many relationships between myself and various families and kids here in Costa Rica. Returning to Costa Rica is always an extraordinary opportunity and faith-encouraging experience as those once prayers have become visible in tangible ways through the development of the land that once stood vacant and through the lives of those who roamed anywhere other than this transformed land which now serves as a place of security, encouragement, and guidance.

I have had the opportunity to have a unique relationship with many of the families and youth. Since my first visit to Costa Rica in February of 2008, I have spent the years developing relationships with individuals like Michelle. Her testimony as a youth challenges and encourages me. It was awesome seeing many of the kids and families today during the service.

Returning to La Finca knowing that the multi-use building has been completed was an answered prayer. Serving with past teams, we prayed over the land in December of 2008, heard of blueprints for the development of the land the following December, and watched the construction of the building take place the third December in 2010.

I'm excited for the next few months and hope that you join me. I will be posting updates, photos, and/or prayer requests frequently.


  1. MI-CHELLE!!

    She has the best smile (and there's a TON of competition for that title HA!) - and the wildest God-sized story...what a joy to see you all reconnect.

    Praying for you this day, brotha



  2. Awesome man! So excited for your service and reading more about what God is doing in and through you while in Costa Rica! I’ll be praying! Peace brother!

  3. Conway,
    I am literally crying as I sit here and read this post. It is so amazing to see the Lord's faithfulness over these past years. Give Michelle a hug for me! Can't wait to see where the Lord leads you in these next couple months. Praying strength, trust, confidence and endurance over you!

  4. Thank you for the continued support and prayers Mike.

  5. Jenna,
    Thank you for the support, encouragement, and prayers. Isn't it great to have experienced, heard, and now see the faithfulness of the Lord. It was great having you on the team Jenna. Hopefully you guys will have the opportunity to come again. I have been sick since yesterday, so please be praying for good health as well. I will most definitely tell Michelle that you said "Hello!"