Vacation Bible School In Tejarcillos, Los Guido, and La Carpio

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weekly Ministry and New Experiences

Every week hundreds of kids come and go at La Finca, which serves as a place where God's presence flows freely...a place of refuge, peace, HOPE, acceptance, encouragement, recognition, love, comfort, and challenge. Without the HOPE of Jesus Christ, many kids like Karla have nothing.

Everyone from the New Life Church of Los Guido and Tejarcillos was invited to a program hosted by the visiting team. The program was held inside of the multiuse building and it was an evening full of music, laughter, and fellowship. It was an opportunity to engage in conversation, enjoy some worship, and eat some great food. It is the prayer of the ministry here in Los Guido that 500+ warm plates of food will pass over this counter each day.

Compass Church, the visiting team, planned two workdays during their time serving in Costa Rica. One day at La Finca, preparing the ground for what will soon be the entry way onto the property and one day in La Carpio, doing various painting projects with a local public kindergarten school. During the workday at La Finca, it was mine and Bethany's job to construct the rebar casing for the foundation of two brick walls that would line the driveway. It was a great opportunity to get our hands dirty, work as a body of Christ, and serve in such a tangible way. How awesome it is to think of the many people that will walk/drive across that concrete weekly...that they might come to know and glorify Christ.

During the week, we visited a family that is involved in a number of ways with the New Life Church of Los Guido to celebrate their son Randy and his second birthday. We celebrated his second birthday by enjoying some typical Costa Rican food and helping him put Mr. Potato Head together.

Tons of fun! Over the course of many weeks, the New Life Church of Los Guido offered to take the top three members, who invited the most people to church, both zip lining and white water rafting. Three youth from the leadership team (Maria Jose, Ingrid, and Maria) took advantage of this opportunity and did exactly that. The visiting team took these individuals as well as some of the leadership team on this trip. I too, had the opportunity to enjoy this experience of zip lining for for the first time. This day was a simple reward for their hard work and great example of Christ that they are daily.

Closing out the week was the Show de Jabon (Soap Show). This is a great time for the kids to see their friends throughout the week, interact with visiting teams, and most importantly learn about God through Scripture and Bible stories.

Between Monday, August 1st to Sunday, August 7th, my home church (Community Bible Church) is hosting a giveaway via my blog. A prize (“The Hole in Our Gospel” by World Vision CEO Richard Stearns and a bundle of worship CD’s) will be given to a winner randomly chosen from the comments below (Facebook comments will not count). The winner will be announced via CBC’s Facebook and this blog…so be sure to check back!

Participants can comment as often as they’d like, can be anywhere around the world, and are welcome to spread the word to their friends. Be sure to comment with your first AND last name so the prize makes it to the correct person. A winner will be announced on Sunday, August 7th at 7 P.M. PST.


  1. It's so cool to see the new Feeding & Tutoring Center in USE. I bet Meg and the ladies are happy to finally have a real kitchen to serve out of.

  2. great pictures man. makes my heart long to be in such places.

  3. Josh I love your post! you are so amazing in so many ways; your such a blessing to us! Im so thankful for everything you do :) I want you to know you have been such a great rolemodel for cameron and i know he doesn't tell you enough how thankful he is to have you in his life but he tells me all the time that you have been a big part of his life and he is so blessed to have you as a friend! I can see you taking Conway i mean cone-way lol under your wing and being a brother and great rolemodel for him, as you have been for cameron over the years. It melts my heart to see how God uses you in so many ways and I just want to say thanks! I pray for
    you often :) oh and you can tell from all the pictures that the kids love Conway; who doesn't love him he has such a big heart and is an amazing man of God! Well im looking forward to seeing pictures from the party so take good ones :) love you guys~ Landis

  4. Wow i must be so tired I just realized this was last august's post lol I feel stupid it makes since now that I think about it I didn't think josh was going out there lol well either way I ment what I said and I guess I can go look at the pictures now lol wow sorry if I confused you. Im now going to bed :) -Landis
    p.s it would be great if we didn't tell anyone about this blond moment lol

  5. Landis, that was probably one of the nicest and most encouraging things anyone has EVER said to me...even if you meant it for a blog I wrote a year ago. Haha. You just made my week.

  6. friend! what an answer to prayer it is to see the multi use room being used to feed so many people!!! it is totally awesome to see how God has taken that piece of land, many prayers , and diligent servants and turned it into such an incredible opportunity to further His Kingdom!!! wow!!! I am just overwhelmed with thankfulness and filled with excitement!! God is going to continue to use that building in so many ways!!!

    and that zip lining trip sounds so fun!!! What an awesome thing to do to give a small reward for those kids who are faithfully working to further the Kingdom!!!

    Praying for those kids, and the rest of the leadership team as they continue to faithfully serve God. Thank you for going and being a role model to them and loving on them and serving alongside them in their ministry!!! praying much for you too my friend!!

    and as always....looking forward to the next post!!!

  7. Conway- What a week! I got really excited when I saw the counter in the feeding center. I know, it's a girl thing, but it made me really happy!!! So...rebar, eh? Good to know if we ever need any of that done around here that you are basically a pro at it :) I bet you had so much fun zip lining and water rafting! LUCKY!!!

  8. Josh, it's great to see God use the multiuse building in many ways. I'm sure the ladies appreciate the kitchen as well.

  9. Thanks Chris. I'm glad that you are enjoying the pictures and posts.

  10. Great observations Lanaya. The kids are great and can use every ounce of encouragement and love. Hope Sherling gets her letter from you soon. I know she will be excited.

  11. Andrea, It is definitely a girl thing...;) It's great to see the mutltiuse building in action serving its many purposes. We have indeed worked quite a bit with rebar and mixing concrete, so that I can help with. The kids had a blast zip linning and rafting.