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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


During my time out of the States I have been serving in Costa Rica and now have the opportunity to serve with a team from my church in Nicaragua. Various team members will be sharing what God is doing in and through our team, in which I would like to make available to those who have been viewing my blog. Make sure to follow the GO Nicaragua Team for updates.

DAY 1: An Answer to Prayer
By: Emily and Elisenda

After a day and half of traveling, we have safely made it to Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua.
The things we have seen and already experienced along the way have been eye-opening and we are all eager to see what the Lord will continue to show us in the following days.

In church this past Sunday, Daniel had shared some of the things to be praying for throughout our trip. He asked to pray for safety and health as we travel, to pray that our hearts would be open to whatever the Lord would have us do, and to pray for unity and peace within our team as we set out to bring the good news of Christ. It has been amazing to see the ways in which the Lord has answered each one of these prayers over the past few days.

Upon entering Nicaragua, we have seen many things that have helped open our hearts to where God wants us to move and show His love. We met with Pastor Santiago and he introduced our team to a part of the city of Puerta Cabezas. We are eager to work along side him, as he has a heart for God and others he encounters. As we have prepared to leave for Dakura, Nicaragua tomorrow morning, we have been blessed with opportunities to bond with each other. Because of this unity the Lord has given our team, we are all the more excited to set out on this adventure together in Christ, and share God’s love with the Miskitu people.

Please continue to pray for a safe arrival, stay, and departure from Dakura, as this will be the most challenging part of our mission trip. Continue to pray for good health, strength, and endurance as we grow in our relationships with God, our team, and others.

Thank you for supporting us!!!

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