Vacation Bible School In Tejarcillos, Los Guido, and La Carpio

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fun, Fun and More Fun!!!

Every year the New Life Church of Los Guido has a Talent Show after the Sunday service, follwed by a time of fellowship and roasting marshmallows. Although it is not my talent, or perhaps it may be, I was recruited to swing dance. The iceing on the cake was presented when we smiled, showing our hill billy teeth and filling the room...with laughter of course.


Anyone want smore!!! Making smores...Costa Rica style.

A couple of weeks ago the leadership team from the New Life Church of Los Guido had their two week break from school. As a reward for their dedication, willingness to serve, and hard work in the church, the missionaries make it a must to take them to Parque de Diversiones every year. Referred to as a "wanna be" Six Flags, this theme park was a tremendous reward and served as a great opportunity to bond with the leadership team.

Serving as the only "roller coaster", Sherling and I took on the challange together as this ride was considered the scariest, yet most liked.


  1. It brings so much joy to my heart to see shirlings smiling face as you guys rode the roller coaster!!! Sounds like you are having a blast and God is blessing those kids through you every day!!! Continue showing the love of Christ friend!!! Thank you for being so willing to do His work!!!

  2. Roller Coasters? I thought this was a mission trip? Just kidding. That is so cool that they take the kids who serve to a park to play. I am sure they derserve this reward of play time and fun.

    That is a BIG fire. How does anyone get they mellow to be golden brown. They must burn up.

  3. Conway dancing? Shoot. Now we know you LOVE those kids!!!

  4. Buck TEEF!!

    hahahaaa - I guess hillbillyism runs deep in every country. Too bad I didn't know about this, I could've loaned you my MULLET! hahaaha

    Very cool to see lots of new faces on the leadership team. They are so much fun! What the heck though, 15 to 6!? The dudes are gettin knocked off the seesaw. Go out and get some guys to even the score a little bit! (Sorry ladies- no offense, we love ya and yer girlfriends but we need the guys to step up in leadership too!! :-)

    Great update- always in my prayers. Rock steady Conway

  5. I love, love, LOVE the fact that you're spending so much time and effort building up these young people!

    It's also amazing to see through all your updates how much has actually happened in a rather short period of time. You're a rather tireless worker it would appear (perhaps with the exception of when you're at an amusement park)! Keep up the great work!

  6. Conway (or Cone-way, as you are known by the kids) this is GREAT! They got you to dance AGAIN?! Haha. Dang, you love these kids. Keep up the good work, buddy. I love you, I'm praying for you, and we are all excited to hear more about your trip.

  7. Conway, ROLLER COASTERS in COSTA RICA?! I don't know about that. Are these safety approved? Hmmmmm.

    It continues to look like you are having a GREAT time. We pray for you daily.

  8. we are so proud to be a part of cbc and those who go there such as you conway. we pray in the mornings for you and the missionaries and the kids and familys of costa rica.

  9. Awsome Man! Looks great. Thank you for serving this church, these young people, and this community.

  10. Lanaya,

    Shirling is a sweetheart! Thank you for the encouragement. Looking forward to the following weeks.

  11. Mike,
    Yes...BUCK TEEF!!! Definite;y was rockin' steady. The talent show was a blast. Maria did her impression of M. Jackson again also...the one I had to replicate some years ago.

  12. Ryan,
    It is a great opportunity to build into these kids, however I too have been encouraged and built up by the dedication and servanthood of the leadership team. It is a blessing to be serving the Lord with these kids.

  13. Josh,
    Yes they got me to dance. It was a blast to have everyone participate and join in on te fun.

  14. Sherry,
    Safety?!?! It seemed safe, but no they are not OSHA approved if thats what your asking. However they are Costa Rica approved:) The kids love it!

  15. Jim, Amp, and Amy
    Thank you for your continued support. It is great to have a church like CBC and group such as yourselves who continue to commit to prayer.

  16. Keck,
    It is a true blessing to be apart of the ministry here in Costa Rica. To know that God hand picked me to be here for seven weeks brings great encouragement and joy. Not only serving this church, but serving with this church has brought about tangible fruit and miracles.