Vacation Bible School In Tejarcillos, Los Guido, and La Carpio

Monday, July 5, 2010

Throughout the Week!

"I didn't eat the Cheetos!"

Both parents and kids fill the church every Sunday morning. It is a blessing to play and laugh with the kids...and even share my Cheetoes I suppose. It is the kids like Sallavah and Leidi that come to church, are discipled, and grow up in the church in hopes that one day they to might be a part of the leadership team.

"The games must go on!"

Although it was pouring rain the water games continued. As the youth played games it was my chance to make sure that they were completely wet. Every week the older youth gather at the New Life Church of Los Guido for a time of fellowship and games. In promoting various team building skills, this week focused on encouragement. This time serves a great purpose as a means of encouragement and motivation to the youth for all their hard work, both in and outside the church.

It is a constant struggle against repairing this wall. To the left of the wall is an area that stores the draining remains from toilets, showers, sinks, and everything else of three houses. This is in addition to the rain! Full to the highest brick, the leaking of these remains onto the church property is not only unhealthy and unpleasant, but only give way for further deterioration of the wall. It is my job to stop it from leaking. The first goal was to dig a trench, fill it with concrete, and finish it with a sidewalk. The next goal will be to resurface the entire wall with concrete and coat it with waterproof paint.

The construction continues!

God has been amazing throughout the entire construction process of this building! Although God would not allow this building to have reached its current stage only to be stopped, weekly meetings with the engineer seem to bring about "unexpected" turns and additions to be made to the building. This means that the financial cost of the building will increase and sacrifices will have to be made in prioritizing the construction process. Be praying for the completion of this building.


  1. Conway! im so proud and excited for you and the work that is being done! it almost brought tears to my eyes seeing how much God is moving down there! i cant wait to be there in December! if you have a chance post a picture of my Junior on the blog for me:) praying for you and everything thats being done!
    loves, kayla

  2. Kayla,

    God is definitely working in the lives of the people in Costa Rica. I have been given to opportunity to be a witness. It is encouraging and motivating. Excited you decided to go in December. I'm already anxious to return and know that God has great plans in store for our team. Thank you for the support and prayer.


    Dude, I'm loving all of the pictures. I'm stoked to go back. Love you, bro! See you soon.

  4. conway we miss you :( hope everything is going well, you are a true blessing! keep up the hard work <3 the murrays

  5. conway we miss you :( hope everything is going well, you are a true blessing! keep up the hard work <3 the murrays

  6. Murray's,
    Miss you guys also. Thank you for the encouragement and motivation. Looking forward to God's faithfulness throughout the remaining portion of this trip.

  7. The building is looking great. Those little girls are so cute with the cheeto powder all over their faces. So great.