Vacation Bible School In Tejarcillos, Los Guido, and La Carpio

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Remember Your Creator and Enjoy Your Youth!!!

“Remember your creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach you when you will say, ‘I find no pleasure in them’-before the sun and the light, and the moon and the stars grow dark, and the clouds return after the rain.” Ecclesiastes 12:1-2

Often times many people, especially younger people, choose to walk in their own ways because it provides a sense of pride, ownership, and self value. Because our days here on earth are numbered, our days of eternity are much greater, therefore we could all be considered “young.” Here we are commanded to remember the creator of all things, so that with time we may not regret the many opportunities we had. Such a reminder can only be found in living out “the perfect law that gives freedom.” James 1:25

It is LIVING the days of my youth and CLINGING to the “law that gives freedom” which has allowed and will continue to allow me to experience and see God in these areas of Costa Rica, which are hungry for the word of God and in desperate need of a relationship with Christ.

Fellowship, fun, and food! The older youth night was another evening that brought great joy and new faces. It served as a great opportunity for these new people to seek change as Melinda guided the group through a discussion in determining the possession and application of information.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday served a great purpose in which a VBS was held each day in Tejarcillos. This area is controlled by one gang or mafia. Arial, an individual who once belonged and lived for that gang, has become a firm and faithful leader in the New Life Church of Tejarcillos. He believes there is an abundance of fruit, waiting to be harvested. It was amazing to see many new faces and share the hope developed through a lifestyle found only in Christ.

Saturday we continued with the second VBS in Los Guido which I worked the first half of the day. It was an answered prayer to reunite with some of my pen pals who I have seen grow up since my first trip to Costa Rica. The VBS served as a great opportunity to give God the glory and direct others to a path that will provide opportunities to get involved in a discipleship group, the church, and perhaps join the leadership team. Upon completion of the third and final VBS in Los Guido on Monday, ALL but two kids agreed to attend a discipleship group shortly to come. Dejon, one of the older youth on the leadership team, set out on a mission. The two remaining kids agreed to “try” the first few days of a discipleship group. It is the witnessing of these kids and families accepting and seeking Christ as Savior that brings great encouragement and hope to my life.

Sunday morning was another day of rejoice and excitement of God's faithfulness as we attended two services. Celebrating the 4th year anniversary with the New Life Church of Tejarcillos, there were many new faces from the previous VBS’s. As pastor Rogelio spoke about love in the church for one another, it was astonishing to see the many new faces, as well as the dedication, loyalty, and love for the church of those who have remained firm in the hope of Christ over the past years. As we arrived to Los Guido for the second service, the storm began to move in. Rain, thunder, and lightening! These were the elements in which Satan attempted, but miserably failed, to use against us to stop the dramas, the service, and cause us to put our bibles aside. In the midst of such, Mark spoke of Revelation emphasizing “he who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the churches.” We have uncountable opportunities as an individual, a church, and body of Christ to seek and listen to the voice of God. This time brought to reality that God will hold us accountable for every opportunity we did and did not take advantage of. It served a great purpose as there were some new faces and rejoining families.

This week consists of more great opportunities to serve God, give Him the glory, and reach the “unreachable.” While some much needed work projects will be set in place this week and others completed, we set out today for three days of VBS in La Carpio.

Please be praying for the safety, guidance, and selfless servant hood of myself and visiting teams. Pray for the vulnerability and response of the individuals to God’s word. Pray for God’s intervention in the lives of these children, their families, and in their homes. Pray for a hedge of protection around La Carpio and that it would become an area that is known for its worship, love, and loyalty to Christ.


  1. WOW! Dude, great blog. Encouraging to hear all that is going on. CBC is blessed to have a servant like YOU, Conway!!! Love you, bro.

  2. Conway - great find in Ecclesiastes and way to put it! All the rights we claim for ourselves, all the pride, control, and accomplishment we strive in our youth apart from God adds up to a big pile of JACK SQUAT.

    Thank you for all the insights you've given us into how we can best serve along with you by the Spirit. My prayers are with each of your requests!

  3. It is amazing to hear about the transformative work that your are witnessing and in which you are aiding in the lives of the youth. Only God and the church can provide community and love that could compete with these gangs. Keep up the hard work and know we are praying for you back home.

    And the blogs keep getting better and better...very well written sir. I am very impressed. Perhaps you should be a writter and not a fireman. I look forward to your next blog.

  4. Conway, this blog was inspirational to me. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  5. Josh,
    Thanks for the continued support!

  6. Mike,
    Thank you for the constant prayer and support. It was awesome hearing this verse. Super encouraging, straight forward, and most definitely applicable to my own life.

  7. Sherry,
    It is exciting to hear your response to the blog. It is a great pleasure to share this unique experience.

  8. Conweezy! WOOOOOOOOW. This post just rocked my world. Inspiring. Seriously!