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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

Today we celebrate Sughelley's quincenera (15th B-Day). She is one of the older youth involved in youth group, choir, discipleship groups, and is always eager to serve. Because a quincenera usually consists of getting one drunk and various other things, the New Life Church of Los Guido has stepped out to provide this event in the church as an alternative to the "usual" and an opportunity for such a special day to remain significant.
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  1. Exactly! It's no fun if you can't remember it. (Or worse, don't want to!)

    Still, this is one tradition (the egg thing on your birthday) that I am quite happy to do without hahahaaa

  2. Mike,
    Yeah the egg thing is a little sketchy, but the kids love it. One girl said "I'd rather eat the eggs for my birthday insteed of cracking them over my head!"

  3. Conway, dude, you totally got egged last December! That was nice of you to let the kids crack those eggs over your head EVEN though it wasn't your birthday. Haha. Ugh, I can still smell the eggs in my hair from 4 years ago...gross. We need to fly down to San Jose one year for your actually birthday...that'd be fun!

  4. I love birthdays, but I don't know about this egg thing...