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Monday, July 18, 2011

come see what_I_ have done and_WE_have accomplished


Often anchored to success and accomplishment, a few meaningless letters can be composed to establish those words which acquire a much more meaningful existence. Such words are often on the receiving end of any merit, fame, and honor that is to be given. Paul speaks of this in Romans when he says, "For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him..." (1:21). Where then does God lie in the midst of such a battle over the longing heart and self-driven mind? Where does God stand in the midst of I, WE, and YOU? My prayer is that He doesn't merely stand in the midst of I, WE, and YOU...but rather is the I, WE, and YOU. I would challenge you to wrestle with this idea daily and ask yourself, "Who becomes more famous in my life?"

Is it the I, WE, and YOU that creates our god... or is it our God that creates the I, WE, and YOU? Who then receives the glory?

As WE are challened by the day and glorified by the hour, let us take advantage of the opportunity we are given by the minute and redirect ALL praise, honor, and glorification not to oursleves temporarily, but to God eternally so that, "men praise God for our obedience that accompanies our confession of the gospel of Christ" and that our service would "overflow in many expressions of thanks to God" (2 Corinthians 12,13).

Make sure to check out the post below to read about some of the weekly ministry and events that took place last week...


  1. Definitely challenging Conway. The things we do on a dau to day basis should be coming from our desire to serve God and should be flowing from that deisre to serve him. They shouldnt be flowing from our own personal deisres or as you say I, we, you desires. thanks for the posts and especially all of the photos.

  2. Well spoken, Weezie. :D

    It takes all of our surrender and death-to-self / alive-in-Christness every day just to let my Doing come out of my new Being (preached to, transformed/conversion, regenerated by the Spirit of the Lord, etc.). And yet, even in the seasons, days or moments where we fail to render God the glory for the services done in his Name, he STILL receives credit, glory, honor and fame, simply because we are made in the image and likeness of God. "...I rejoice in the all-surpassing wonder of knowing of him."

    THANKS for all the efforts you go to in order to do likewise, Conway! Your obedience to the call of Jesus Christ upon your life is evident to our whole church family and the world-wide web beyond. Keep it up soldier.



  3. Conway,

    Great post, man. Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement.

  4. Sherry,
    You are correct! It's a daily challenge for myself and a great reminder that God's grace alone has provided even this opportunity to serve here in Costa Rica. Glad you are enjoying the pictures. There will be many more, so make sure to keep checking back.

  5. Great observations Mike. Such a surrendered heart and dying to self takes place only when the individual is ready as God waits at hand to use each of us in mighty tools ready to be used in his hand...with a masterpiece in mind to construct. Thanks for the support Mike.