Vacation Bible School In Tejarcillos, Los Guido, and La Carpio

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Medical Clinic and Prayer Service

The visiting team was equiped with three doctors who eagerly and prayerfully gave themselves to the people of Costa Rica. Hosted by the New Life Church of Los Guido inside the recently finished multiuse building, the clinic was open to the community and took place over the course of 6-7 hours. After being seen by a doctor and given the needed perscription, the gospel was shared with them through a variety of forms, both by the youth leadership team as well as the members of the visiting team. There was a lot to do...crafts with kids, soccer with the youth, serving coffee to those waiting, translating for the doctors, and working the pharmacy. There was a job for everyone!

It is awesome to have experienced and witnessed the development of the multiuse building over the last few years. In the picture above, those visiting the medical clinic waited patiently and enjoyed some coffee. The building was an excellent place for the clinic to be held. I'm excited to see how God continues to use this building in the Los Guido community as the New Life Ministry strives to reach every individual for the sake of a life in Christ.

During the clinic there were many great opportunities to play soccer with the youth, draw with chalk on the sidewalk with some of the kids, and entertain even the littlest of them all.

After the medical clinic ended, the night came to a close with a prayer service that is held weekly. It was an awesome time to reflect on God's presence at La Finca, the way in which He worked through so many during the clinic, and to give thanks for His continued sustainability of the ministry that takes place day in and day out.


  1. wow conway!!! i am filled with such joy and have such a thankful heart reading this post tonight!!! God is just continuing to do great things at La Finca!!! I agree that it has been such an incredible blessing to watch the construction and now use of the the multi-use building!!! God is so good and has truly provided an incredible tool for sharing the Gospel at La Finca! Prayers are being said for all of those that received medical attention at the clinic, that they will see the love of Christ and also that they will open their hearts to the Gospel that was shared! and also praying that new relationships will continue to be built in the community surround La Finca!!!

    Thank you for being such a willing servant to follow the call to GO and serve the people of Costa Rica and diligently show them the love of Christ!!!

  2. Conway,

    great post. a mediacal lcinic...what at great idea to share the love and kindness of jesus to all of these precious people.

  3. Lanaya,

    I'm glad that you enjoyed reading the blog and even more so, have had the opportunity to witness and participte in what you have read about yourself. I appreciate the encouragment, support, and prayer. Perhaps we will see some of the fruit in December from the ministry that has taken place over the last few days during the medical clinic and community outreach events.

  4. Rose,
    That's right...a medical clinic! It was a great opportunity to serve the local community.