Vacation Bible School In Tejarcillos, Los Guido, and La Carpio

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Once a Kid...Always A Kid!

This last week has been a great opportunity to catch up on a few things, enjoy some free time, and prepare for the team of 34 lead by Pastor Robin from West Jacksonville Baptist Church. This last week I have found great pleasure in digging into God's Word throughout each day as I continue to read through Romans, in addition to other daily readings. One of a few days of excellent weather allowed me and the others staying at the mission house to enjoy some board games and basketball at the local park. To jump start the weekend, the other interns and I joined the Kuzdas family and went to a local movie theatre to see "Cars 2" Spanish of course.

Check out the pictures below of some of the ministry that took place throughout the week. Also, be sure look for upcoming posts as I hope to challenge and be challenged with discussion on various topics.

Perhaps one of the most messy! Bobbing for candy in a tin can filled with water, followed by bobbing for candy in a tin can filled with flour is a perfect recipe for excitement, laughter, and smiles. No matter what needs to be accomplished, Karla here is always willing to be the first volunteer to get in and take care of business.

Another game that often is played by popular demand is the pineapple game. During this game, each team member has an opportunity to eat as much pineapple as possible in a short period of time. The can only use your mouth. The best part is when one kid says, "I think I ate a tooth!" And everyone looks at the other kid who is smiling...sure enough a tooth is missing.

And when the game is is a free for all shot at the remaining portions of the pineapple.

During Kids Club, it is a great time for the kids to have a safe place where they can fearlessly enjoy games, the company of those around them, and hear the Word of God with their friends.

A team that had previously visited to serve in Costa Rica held a vision clinic over the course of a few days. During that time, hundreds of prescribed glasses where handed out to those who cannot afford them. Some of the glasses however, had to be specially made and it was those glasses we had the opportunity to separate and deliver to three different locations in Los Guido.


  1. Conway,

    Dude,I've got to say...I love all of the crazy games they play with the kids. So much fun! The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Man, what a cool opportunity you had to help deliver those glasses. I am sure people were so thankful to get them.

    You are in my prayers daily. Keep up the Good Work!!!

  2. P.S. Karla is such a cute kid!!! Full of personality. I sent her a letter last week. Hopefully it arrives soon.

  3. I love all the pictures :) and the games seem so fun!!! How did you enjoy cars 2? I want to take Sakiah to see it so bad! We have been praying for you and what God is doing there :) keep up the good work!!!! Much love~Landis, Sakiah ,and cameron

  4. Josh,
    The game they play here are not only crazy but probably the messiest as well. Quite hilarious though to watch them dive into whatever it is and have a blast.

    Karla is quite the character as you can tell.

    Thanks for the prayers.

  5. Landis,
    It was in Spanish so I didn't understand everything, however it was still a great movie. I enjoyed it. I think Sakiah would definitely enjoy Cars 2.

    The pictures are funny...the kids get dirty then say "foto...foto!!!" Thank you again for the continued support and prayer for myself and the many ways in which the Lord continues to work in the lives of so many people.
    Lots of love as well...tell the fam I said "HI!"

  6. Ooooh the little girl with the flower on her face is so cute. More pictures please.

  7. I love the crazy games!!! it fills my heart with such joy to see the kids playin these games and knowing that they are being shown the love of Christ through you and the other interns and through the missionaries down there. God is doing big things in Costa cool is it to be a part of that??!!! I am continuously praying for you and for many opportunities to share Christ. Keep up all the hard work my friend!!!!

  8. KIDS HAVE ENDLESS ENERGY!! Hahahaa - No wonder our team was so exhausted at a good day's end of games, fun, and friendship!

    It is a joy to be continuing on in prayer for you, Conway.

  9. Ashley,
    Karla is a great kid and definitely has a radiating joy and excitement. Keep checking back for more pictures and updates. Thanks for following the blog.

  10. Lanaya,
    And how awesome that you get to return again this December with the team and continue to be a part of God's ministry here in Costa Rica. Hope you have had the opportunity to write Sherling...I know she will be excited to hear from you. Thank you for the continued prayer.

  11. Mike,
    This is true...the kids have a supernatural energy and keeps the teams on their toes.