Vacation Bible School In Tejarcillos, Los Guido, and La Carpio

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Week Comes To An End

This last week God enabled many things to take place. I hope that these pictures serve as a glimpse of what God is doing in Costa Rica and in the lives of those who live here.

The last two weeks consisted of full blown Vacation Bible School (VBS) with the East Hill Christian School. Last week concluded a three day series of VBS in La Carpio. Over these three days, there were roughly 450 kids and 100 moms that attended and were exposed to the Word of God through love, scripture, and various dramas put on by the visiting team, as well as the youth leadership team. The group above was only one of four groups that visited that day. Long term fruit is our prayer!

Sunday service was great as we continue to look at the future and lead into the present, given what we we know about the past and the future. Sunday is also a great time to visit with families and play with long-time friends. I met Anita and Sumey last December during a VBS. It's great to see them continue to go to church and be discipled at such a young age.

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to go with the two choir teams from the New Life Church of Los Guido to Parque Diversiones. This theme park serves as a "Six Flags Wannabe", yet is a ton of fun and a huge reward to these kids for their hard work and commitment to serving in the church.

Friday was a great time! On Friday, the New Life Church of Los Guido held a Men's BBQ...however we couldn't just eat...we had to play broomball as well. We ate some great food and enjoyed being kids. Team Jovenes (youth in spanish) ranged in age from 23 (myself) to 60. Team Ninos (kids in spanish) ranged from 15-22. Us "Jovenes" claimed victory with a score of 10-5!

Every Saturday is Kid's Club. With or without rain...the fun must go on! And it does! It is events like these in which the New Life Church of Los Guido sets out to teach the Gospel to kids at a very young age in a way that is fun, enjoyable, and impactful.


  1. You look so happy! This is great. The blog was outstanding and challenging.

  2. Broom ball looks fun. These kids are just so precious and you are such a blessing to them clearly we can see that in these pictures time and time aagin and in your posts. Joshua posts links to your blog and im always happy to look at it and see how god is working in and through you and your willingness to serve god and his desires for you. Blessings and prayer to you.

  3. I wrote you a message and it was two paragraphs long and then there was a probably. Anyway, I am going to try and send it again. I'll write you another message but not today. I am running late to my Dr.'s appointment. There is a gopher out in the lawn in the middle of the day. We need you.

    Love, Leabeth.

  4. Conway,

    These beautiful photos and these beautifully written words have brought tears to my eyes. You are a beautiful young man and I've been reading about your trip on Joshua's page. What a blessing you are to me and the people of Costa Rica-really, you are a blessing to the entire body of Christ. I made a small donation to your mission today and I pray that it makes a big impact on these beautiful kids.

  5. I just absolutely love the picture of you with the two precious beautiful little girls. It is so clear that God's path for your life is missions. What a awesome awesome thing to see a young person pursue the things of the LORD. Especially with the world tempting us with success and career. You are an encouragement to me as I battle with what God has for my life. I know He's called me onto the mission field but I so badly want to be successful in life. With the american drean and perfect family. But I really know that God's dream is so much better. The smile on your face and the smiles on theese childrens face is the complete proof of that statement.

  6. These pictures just melt my heart.

  7. Conway,

    So cool seeing the picture of the Men's BBQ. Being there weeks before and hearing Mark talk about it...I could tell he was so excited! Prayerfully, this was the first of many more of such God continues to reach the men of Los Guido. So cool!!!

  8. Rose, broomball is tons of fun and is great using the newly built mulituse building for many purposes. Thank you for following the blog and I'm glad you have enjoyed it. As much as it may be natural to say "Thank You" is not I, but the Lord who works in and through who blesses these children.

  9. Leabeth,
    You are too funny! Thank you tremendously for the many ways you have supported me in this trip and far beyond this trip as well. Thank you for always praying for me...and we will take care of the gopher shortly:)

  10. Robin,
    I want to thank you for following the blog and for supporting me...more so in joining me in this opportunity in advancing His kingdom now and long after my three month visit here ends when WE see long term fruit from the willingness that God has enabled within you.

  11. Josh,
    It was very cool and word has it that the New Life Church of Los Guido would like to incorporate a monthly gathering for the men as the church continues to grow.